Webcam Cover Slide, 3 Pack ShinyFX Privacy Security Cover, Large Size for Laptop Desktop PC Web Camera, Ultra Thin Privacy Shelter from Breath Lamp for iPad iPadmini iMac Mac Book Mini (Black)



Price: $10.99 - $6.68
(as of May 10,2022 18:23:50 UTC – Details)

Why we need the webcam cover slide?
Your online security is our priority. We want to try our best to protect you and you should discover ways to protect yourself.
ShinyFX webcam cover enables you to protect yourself from any hackers that could potentially be spying on you without you knowing. More and more cyber-attacks are happening every day with ransomware taking photos of individuals and demanding payments, webcam covers can save you from this. This shutter enables you to slide the cap to either use or block your webcam with ease.

Why is ShinyFX webcam cover slide?
11. Not like a small tiny size webcam cover slide in low quality, our privacy cover is bigger with wider opening aperture, not only better for the view angle; but also nhance connectivity and adhesion, because the larger the connecting area, the stronger the adhesion.
2. A larger aperture size of 0.78” x 0.39” makes this weabcam cover suitable for Laptop, Desktop, PC, Macboook Pro, iMac & Computer. Not recommended for mobile devices(such as on smartphones).
3. Ultra-thin/ Super thin design,perfect curve edges, which means it can be perfectly combine with your devices.Webcam Cover is only 0.032 inches thick and does not feel its existence when the laptop lid is closed.
04. Made from premium ABS plastic, it is amazingly durable,and the strong 3M tape provides durable and reliable connection between your devices and webcam cover, the adhesive be removed from the device without any traces.

How to Install:
1. Clean the surface of your devices;
2. Remove the back 3M tape;
3. Align hole on the cover over camera lens CAREFULLY;
4. Press firmly and hold for 5 seconds;
5. Slide the cover to open or close the camera.

What you can get:
1. 3 pieces in 1pack high quality webcam cover slide;
2. 24-hour friendly customer service Online from ShinyFX.

ULTRA THIN DESIGN: Only 0.032 inches in thickness, this webcam cover slide ensures the NoteBook screen can be closed completely and no scratches or injury will happen.
EXTREMELY BIG SIZE: This Privacy cover is updated with extra large opening aperture, the size of the hole reached to 0.78inch*0.39inch for wide enough field of view angle.
DURABLE & EASY REMOVAL: Equipped with strong 3M double-sided tape on the back of webcam cover sticker, this webcam cover slide will not fall off after attentively install; this laptop camera cover also can be easily removed from the device without any traces.
UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: Suitable for most webcams on laptops, tablets, MacBook/Pro, MacBook Air, iPad, PC, iMac, and other non-fullscreen devices; while this web camera lens cover may NOT for some smartphones like iPhone or Android callphones because the width will shade part of the screen.