Portable USB Heating Baby Bottle Warmer Bag for Outside Walk Shopping Travelling



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It is a nursing bottle insulation cover, powered by USB charging, can keep constant temperature, good insulation effect, can also heating water cup, mineral water bottles, milk boxes, etc…

1、Wide application: The package is convenient and firm, and not easy to slip off. The product size is suitable for most bottles on the market.
2、Suitable object: It can be applied to a variety of materials heating, and it can be used for water cups, mineral water bottles, milk boxes, etc.
3、Safe voltage and current: 5V-2A safety voltage. Common for: car, power bank, charging head.
4、Intelligent constant temperature design: Precise water temperature control for easy to use and save trouble.
5、Convenient design: Convenient and intelligent constant temperature design for easy master water temperature. And it is with fast heating speed, for convenient use.

1.Product specifications(approx): suitable for 55-75mm/2.17-2.95in
2.Power supply 5: V ~ 2A Frequency 50H7
3.Power: 10W
4.Product color: pink, blue
5.Product material: microfiber PU\ heating film USB power cord

The heating and heat preservation effect is affected by the thickness of the bottle, the material, and the original temperature of the milk inside. After plugging in, the bottle will be heated first, and it will be changed to 37-42 degrees. If it is from the thickness of the normal bottle is taken out in the refrigerator, the heating will take about one and a half hours. The glass material will heat up a little faster than the plastic bottle. If it is at room temperature, it takes about half an hour to heat up. If the bottle is large, The heating time will be more, the pp’s ice milk will reach 42 degrees in 1:30 hours, and the glass material will take 1 hour to heat up.

USB Interface: The baby milk warmer can be used for portable power source, charging plug, car USB interface, portable and safe (Power Bank Not Included). Our bottle warmer bag holder will make sure your baby drinks only warm milk from now.
Keeping Milk Warm: When the weather is getting cold, the warm milk turns cold soon, the warming bag can preserve heat for a long time, your cute baby can enjoy healthy warm milk. Make your babies drink only warm water and milk using our USB charged warmer bag.
Portable and Convenience: The heating warmer bag is completely handy to carry and can be charged anywhere with the long USB Cable. This makes sure that the baby can be fed warm milk anywhere, anytime. Our warmer bag features drawstring design, the bottle is easy to put in and take out.
Widely Used: This baby bottle warmer bag is mainly used for baby out with the essential items. convenient for preparing milk or feeding baby anytime anywhere. Insert the cable to movable power, or car USB interface, laptop interface etc. It is easy to use.