Heavy Duty Furniture Lifter 4 Appliance Roller Sliders with 660 lbs Load Capacity Wheels + Adjustable Height Lifting Tool Lever Suitable for Safe and Easy Moving of Couches Sofas Refrigerators + More


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Price: $27.00
(as of May 18,2022 11:12:07 UTC – Details)

Package includes:
1 x Furniture Lifter 
4 x Heavy Duty Furniture Moving Rollers can support up to 600lbs
1 x Locking Cradle for the Lifter
4 x Long Extensions (1.5 inch high each)
4 x Short Extensions (0.3 inches high each)

How many times have you wondered how your couch would look like in another corner of the room? It seemed impossible to actually check it by yourself, right?
It is no longer the case. By using our heavy furniture roller move tools it takes you less than a minute, no sweat involved.
Remember when you bought the washing machine and you could not move it to the spot you needed it? Or the time when you had to move the fridge? Oh, the back pain!
We have the best solution. With our Easy Moving Slider with Lifter Lever, you will do it all by yourself, no more back pain, no more headache.
Are you planning to move and this gives you nightmares? Can you imagine all that furniture that you will have to find the perfect spot for?
Your 5 best friends are here. 1 Furniture Lifter + 4 Roller Pads will do the job in no time, no damage to the walls or floors.
Have you recently installed the new floor or polished the old one? You surely intend on keeping it like new forever.
With our Heavy Furniture Move Roller Tools you no longer have to worry about leaving marks on it. Because it has b and carefully crafted wheels that will prevent any scratch on the floor. It is perfect for the hardwood floors as well as carpets, linoleum, or any other kind of floor material.
Your closest friends are moving to their new home and you don't know what gift to buy them?
A bottle of wine is surely a nice gift but it only lasts half an hour. The furniture lifter and rollers set will last them a lifetime and they will always remember you for it.
30 days Money Back Guarantee Policy if you are not 100% satisfied
High Quality Materials: We Needed the Best Lightweight Yet Heavy Duty Resistant Materials. So We Made the Movers from a Special Kind of Strong Material That Will Support 600lbs Weight Each Risk-free
NO MORE BACK PAIN, NO MORE HEADACHE: Using our furniture lifter and rollers set you can move the furniture all by yourself. You no longer have to be mega strong to move heavy furniture or appliances. Anyone can do it
THE PERFECT FURNITURE SLIDERS KIT: Forget about having to ask friends or neighbors for help whenever you clean, redecorate or rearrange your furniture. Our heavy furniture moving sliders set is the best friend in these situations
MOVING HEAVY FURNITURE HAS NEVER BEEN SO EASY: All you have to do now is to lift the furniture legs just high enough for the furniture roller carts to slide under and then gently glide it to the position you need. 3 simple easy moves
4 HEAVY DUTY MOVING ROLLERS: Each dolly has 12 heavy duty wheels and will support up to 600 pounds. This allows them to move on all surfaces and successfully replace both the furniture sliders for hardwood floors and for carpets at the same time
YOU CAN MOVE 360°: The carts move in 2 directions but they have felt pads on top that can rotate 360° making it super easy for you to reposition them in any direction and move the furniture in any direction you need