ASDFGH Baby Carrier Waist Stool Baby Stool Four Seasons Universal Summer Breathable Multifunctional Child Carry Bag (Color : Blue)


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Product category; waist stool
Maximum load; 20kg
Applicable age; 0-36 months
The shock-absorbing support pad will be arranged in a honeycomb shape with acrylic particles, light and tough after molding, and will slowly rebound after deformation. It is currently a suitable support pad material for babies.
Add D large stool surface to be comfortable and wary. The difference between the "side reclining" stool surface and the baby’s O-leg circular Wei surface and the side reclining Wei surface is that the round Wei surface baby can sit on it instead of "riding" it Above

The baby’s comfortable and comfortable stool surface is filled with soft sponge, which is full of elasticity, like a sofa, giving the baby a comfortable and comfortable sitting position.
Combining the design of cotton combed Oxford cloth with material, the color is bright, comfortable and breathable. The texture is soft, thin and durable.
The mother was backed with a soft sponge filled with light material, which increased the area under stress and effectively relieved the pressure on the shoulders. Since then, the mother has saved effort and the baby is sitting happily.
Free adjustment, comfortable and comfortable. Adjust the height of the strap (adjustable 4cm) according to the growth of the baby to accompany the mother to care for the growth of the baby.
Thoughtful design, safe and reliable Side zipper-type large-capacity storage bag, convenient for placing baby’s personal items, in a hurry, orderly, more convenient to travel