200 Pcs Colorful Glow in The Dark Luminous Moon and Stars Fluorescent Plastic Wall Stickers for Bedroom Living Room, Room Home Art Decor for Kids Little Girls


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Features:Made of fluorescent paint, the darker the environment, the brighter the decorative stickers. Made of environmentally friendly materials, safe and pollution-free.

Luminescence principle:
Luminous powder first absorbs all kinds of light and heat, converts it into light energy storage, and then automatically emits light in the dark, realizes the luminous function by absorbing various visible light, this product does not contain radioactive elements, and can be recycled for unlimited times, especially It has strong absorption capacity for short-wave visible light, sunlight and ultraviolet light (UV light) below 450 nm.

1.Stars need sunlight or light to shine, and they won’t shine if they don’t shine, so please stick them where there is light or sunlight, so they will be very bright and beautiful at night!
2.Brightness has a great relationship with the intensity and duration of light irradiation. The longer the time, the brighter the intensity and the longer the bright time.
3.Each package is manually loaded, there may be errors, the error is within plus or minus 5 is normal, please understand!

200 Pcs Luminous Stars –Package Included: 200 Pieces Of Stars ( Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow), 2 Piece Of Moon. There Are 2 Different Colors Between Day And Night. Original Color In The Daytime, Fluorescent Color At Night.
Luminous Stars Moon Wall Sticker– Just Place On Any Clean, Flat Surface, And Turn On The Light For 15-30 Minutes, Because The Stickers Need To Absorb Light Before Glowing. The Longer It Takes To Absorb Light, Then To Light Up For Up To Longer. They Will Be Very Bright And Beautiful At Night!
Fluorescent Plastic Wall Stickers– When Installing,Just Apply A Sticky Adhesive Pad On The Back Of The Luminous Star, And Then Paste It On The Wall.Its Excellent Quality Makes It Never Fall Off The Wall. If You Want To Remove Them, Just Unscrew Them Gently, Without Causing Damage To The Wall.
Product Size: Stars — 1.2 *1.2inch (3 *3cm); Moon — 3.2* 2.6inch (8cm *6.5cm). All Wall Stickers Are Made From Environmentally Friendly Plastic Material, Non-Toxic And Tasteless, Safe To Use.
Colorful Glow In The Dark Luminous Stars– It’Ll Be Great Family Fun Planning A Luminous Wall Decal Combination. All The Stars And Moon Can Be Arranged According To Your Own Ideas. Let These Luminous Wall Stickers Change Your Kid’S Bedroom Into Fairy Glossy Realm.These Glowing The Dark Stars Moons Will Sweep Away Their Little Fear Of Darkness Or Loneliness,And Help Them Find A Sweet Dream.