Photographing the corona discharge of conductive objects appears to be like completely superior


This can be a fairly cool method that undoubtedly wants to come back with a well being and security warning. So, don’t do that at dwelling until you perceive how electrical energy works and methods to experiment with it safely. If that’s you, you then’ll love this video from Hyperspace Pirate. Even when it’s not you, watch it anyway as a result of it leads to some fairly cool images!

It’s a course of referred to as Kirlian Images and it’s used to have the ability to {photograph} the phenomenon {of electrical} coronal discharge. It was by accident found by Semyon Kirlian, after whom it was named, in 1939. It’s an identical precept as these “Plasma Globes” that have been so fashionable within the 80s.

As per Hyperspace Pirate’s description of the method:

The method makes use of two clear glass plates with salt water between them. The salt water is linked to a excessive voltage, excessive frequency AC supply. An AC flyback transformer works for this, however i obtained higher outcomes utilizing a strong state tesla coil working off a slayer exciter circuit – the identical circuit i demonstrated in my earlier video. This generates round 40,000 volts at 350 kHz with a 12V enter.

The excessive voltage AC doesn’t conduct by means of the glass, however causes excessive voltage expenses to look on the skin floor of the glass plates by means of capacitave coupling. As a result of glass is {an electrical} insulator, the costs can’t transfer freely alongside the floor, so when an electrode linked to floor comes close to the glass, the ensuing discharge “followers” out, as expenses from a comparatively giant space will bounce to a single level electrode.

When a flat conductive object is pressed in opposition to the glass, the perimeters and small bumps on its floor will exhibit such a discharge and glow purple. For the reason that glass plates and the saltwater are clear, the ensuing glow can simply be photographed.

Whereas any insulating materials can be utilized for this course of, he advises in opposition to utilizing clear acrylic for causes that can develop into apparent when you watch the video. Primarily, the excessive voltage discharge generates sufficient warmth that it causes it to soften on its floor. Utilizing precise glass, nonetheless, no such problem. The conductive objects will be just about something you need, though because the glass is flat, it naturally works greatest with flat objects like cash, let’s, and so on.

Once more, you’re coping with extraordinarily excessive AC voltages right here and probably loads of present for those who’re not cautious. So, for those who’re not assured setting one thing like this up your self, simply benefit from the fairly scenes within the video!