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Nvidia RTX 4070 vs 3070 – improved entry stage


We see what to anticipate when evaluating the entry stage playing cards of the sequence’

For yet one more comparability, we see what to anticipate for the RTX 4070 vs 3070. The lower-end decisions for the preliminary launch of the graphics card sequence.

The sequence has turn out to be extra well-liked with a barely cheaper price ticket on it. Whereas additionally nonetheless offering good efficiency on prime of it.

For launch dates, the RTX 3070 has been round for a few years now. It launched in October 2020 a bit additional down the road from the 20 sequence launch.

Though plagued with the GPU scarcity there wasn’t a lot inventory of the cardboard. With many not capable of purchase the cardboard however now there was some enchancment.

While the RTX 4070 is rumored to launch on the finish of 2022, if not early 2023. As there has not been any affirmation and potential delays from present overstock.

Even with that, we will examine what we all know thus far to know what to anticipate from your subsequent greatest graphics card.

ASUS ROG Strix NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Gaming

Clock Velocity

1755MHz Enhance Clock (OC)

Thermal Design

Axial-tech Triple Fan


318mm x 140mm x 57mm


Being in two totally different generations there’s a change in how they’re constructed. Nvidia has moved from the Ampere structure within the 30 sequence to the Ada construct within the RTX 4000 sequence.

Particularly, the 3070 is utilizing the GA104-300 GPU variant. Constructed with Samsungs 8nm course of, it has a die of 392mm² that includes 17.4 billion transistors.

While the 4070 is probably going an AD104-275 GPU variant. Based mostly on TSMCs 5nm course of it has a die dimension of 300mm² with but an unknown transistor depend.

Though it’s probably the newer chip will comprise extra. With a extra compact construct potential it might match extra in.


RTX 4070 RTX 3070
GPU AD104-275 GA104-300
GPU course of TSMC 5nm Samsung 8nm
CUDA cores 7,680 5,888
SMs 60 46
Base clock 2,310 MHz 1,500 MHz
Enhance/Max clock 2,610/2,800 MHz 1,750/1,890 MHz
Reminiscence 12GB GDDR6X 8GB GDDR6
Reminiscence clock 21 Gbps 14 Gbps
Reminiscence bus 192-bit 256-bit
Bandwidth 504 GB/s 448 GB/s
TDP 285W 240W

These specs are based mostly on leaks and rumors for the 4070. So that they will not be ultimate and might change up till the launch.

However we will get a fundamental understanding of what to anticipate between the RTX 4070 vs 3070. Whereas additionally updating with the newest when it comes, we take a deep dive into what the specs imply.

CUDA cores

Compute Unified Gadget Structure is Nvidia’s parallel processing system. It’s an ecosystem to enhance the processing of graphics on the cardboard.

It permits for the GPU cores to work collectively splitting the workload and enhancing the velocity of processing with what it will possibly obtain.

Though we will examine the numbers accessible, the effectivity and the way it works change between the generations.

The 3070 itself comprises 5,888 CUDA cores within its core. Whereas the 4070 is rumored to comprise 7,680.

A big improve between generations particularly if their energy additionally will increase. Which is able to result in a extra highly effective card but additionally a extra power-hungry one.


The frequency or clock charge is the oscillation of silicon crystals contained in the wafer. It determines how briskly the GPU can course of directions.

With sooner charges capable of get via the information and create the graphics to see your ultimate picture.

As there may be some management to the spec it’s a goal for overclocking. This lets you push the charges above however at the price of energy and warmth.

If the brand new specs are right, the brand new technology will see a rise within the total clock charge. The 4070 has a supposed 2,310 MHz base clock and a 2,610 MHz enhance and even a 2,800 MHz max enhance clock.

A giant enchancment over the earlier gen and nearer to what AMD needed to supply on its Radeon playing cards.

As we see the 3070 with a base clock of 1,500 MHz. While reaching a lift clock of 1,750 MHz and a max enhance clock of 1,890 MHz.

Almost a 1GHz enchancment during the last gen. Which is able to additional enhance the flexibility of the playing cards.


By way of video reminiscence, there are additionally some enhancements. However first, we see what it really does.

Its objective of it’s as a body buffer and pixel retailer. With the intention to expertise clean framerates and decrease latency.

Particularly helpful for increased resolutions like 4k. As they’ve a lot bigger pixel necessities.

Between the RTX 4070 vs 3070, there’s a change in capability and velocity. The 40 card bearing 12GB of GDDR6X reminiscence, clocked at 21 Gbps throughout a 192-bit bus offers a 504 GB/s bandwidth.

Whereas the 3070 is fitted with 8GB of GDDR6 reminiscence. Clocked at 14 Gbps throughout a 256-bit bus it has a bandwidth of 448 GB/s.

One other space wherein the brand new card has a bonus.


TDP is the thermal design energy of the cardboard. It’s an indicator of a lot vitality the GPU will eat at max utilization.

In addition to providing you with an estimate of how a lot warmth it’ll give off. For the reason that work put into operating that chip is transformed to waste. So it offers an thought of your energy invoice in addition to how a lot of a radiator will probably be.

With the elevated energy of the brand new card, we additionally see a rise in energy consumption. Because the 4070 is alleged to have a complete card energy of 285W.

Whereas, the 3070 sits with a 240W TDP. So though the newer card does require extra energy it ought to deliver extra efficiency. Subsequently we should depend on efficiency per Watt and value comparability.

RTX 4070 vs 3070 efficiency

We are able to’t actually examine their recreation efficiency but however we do have some preliminary information. With a take a look at what to anticipate to see from 3DMark’s Time Spy Excessive benchmark.

It’s unlikely to offer us a straight reply to the efficiency it’s helpful for comparisons. As it’s a well-established database with numerous customers.

With that, we see the rumors of the graphics rating, and the 4070 achieves round 10,000. In order that lets us see what it might be like in comparison with the outdated.

The 3070 achieves a mean of 6,333 in TSE. Which means a 58% uplift within the rating. Though not ultimate is a major quantity for 19% extra energy.

Value comparability

Evaluating the RTX 4070 vs 3070 on the value we’ve got to do some hypothesis on it. Because it is likely one of the final issues to be confirmed on the cardboard.

So we glance again at what earlier choices have to supply and sure improve above that. However the RTX 3070 initially got here out with an MSRP of $499 USD/£469.

This is able to probably be the bottom value of the 4070 however we might anticipate a value improve. So we speculate it’ll value within the vary of $499-$649USD/£469-599.

A possible trigger entrance the associated fee inflations in addition to the rising efficiency of the sequence.

MSI Gaming GeForce RTX 3070 Gaming X Trio

Clock Velocity

1830MHz Enhance Clock (OC)

Thermal Design

TORX Fan 3.0 cooling


323mm x 140mm x 56mm

Is the 4070 value it over 3070?

Will probably be greatest to attend for critiques to return out earlier than deciding on the RTX 4070 vs 3070. This can give us a greater understanding of what to anticipate between the 2.

However from the present specs and efficiency, it’s simple to say the 4070 is the higher choice. With the probably increased efficiency however coming at the price of value and energy.

RTX 4070 vs 3070 FAQs

How significantly better is 4070 than 3070?

Based mostly on Time Spy Extremes’ rumored scores, the 4070 is 68% higher than the 3070. This will not be the ultimate end result however it’s a good indicator. Though it does come at the price of 19% extra energy consumption.

How a lot sooner is 4070 than 3070?

From the rumored specs the 4070 is sort of 1 GHz sooner than the 3070. That’s throughout the bottom, enhance, and max clock speeds. Particularly, it has a 2,310 MHz base clock, 26,10 MHz enhance clock, and a pair of,800 MHz max enhance clock. Whereas the 3070 has a base clock of 1,500 MHz, a 1,750 MHz enhance clock, and a max enhance of 1,890 MHz.


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