My Time at Sandrock – How you can Get a Feather Duster


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In My Time at Sandrock, the Feather Duster is a key merchandise for the Assist Burgess Clear the Backyard story quest, but it surely’s additionally an important software wanted to scrub sand off your equipment and maintain your Workshop working easily

This web page explains the best way to acquire and craft the Feather Duster.

How you can Get the Feather Duster Recipe

My Time at Sandrock - How to Get a Feather Duster

First, you’ll want to go to the Fee Guild Retailer to purchase the Feather Duster recipe. 

Head to the Fee Guild, the primary constructing on the appropriate as you enter the city, north of your Workshop. Work together with the money register instantly to the appropriate of the doorway subsequent to Yan’s desk, and pay up 98 Gols for the recipe.

How you can Craft the Feather Duster in My Time at Sandrock

My Time at Sandrock - How to Get a Feather Duster

Head again to your Workshop and work together with the Worktable to search out your newly-acquired Feather Duster recipe. To craft the merchandise, you’ll want:

  • x2 Wood Sticks
  • x4 Feathers
  • x2 Skinny Reads

You’ll probably have picked up the required supplies by this level, so go forward and craft the Feather Duster. If not, you’ll be able to craft Wood Sticks from wooden. You’ll be able to collect wooden from wooden piles and Yakthorn shrubs, or by processing wooden scrap within the Recycler. 

As for feathers, these are dropped after defeating Rocket Roosters (you’ll discover a cluster of them within the Eufaula Desert south of the Workshop). In any other case, discover them by kicking timber and cacti scattered close to the Workshop. 

Lastly, you’ll be able to craft Skinny Thread from plant fiber, which yow will discover from harvesting bushes, grasses, and shrubs close to the Workshop. Alternatively, you’ll be able to tackle My Time at Sandrock’s Bumble Ants (you’ll discover a cluster instantly east of the Workshop in the direction of Eufaula Salvage), who drop them reliably.

My Time at Sandrock - How to Get a Feather Duster

With the Feather Duster hand, you’ll be able to assist with the storm clear up and rid your machines of sand. You’ll know they want dusting when a crimson indicator seems above them as you strategy or from sand piles increase round them.

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