Intel Core i7-13700K vs i7-12700K  


Ever questioned what the distinction is between the 13700K and 12700K? Nicely, surprise no extra we’ve got the solutions.

Up to date: Oct 14, 2022 8:36 am

Intel i7 13700k va Intel i7 12700ks

Intel is ready to launch its new Thirteenth-generation Raptor Lake CPUs on October twentieth, 2022. And with them comes substantial efficiency enhancements over final generations alder lake CPUs. However are they definitely worth the improve? Right here is our Core i7-13700K vs i7-12700K article. 

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Earlier than we soar into the efficiency, we have to perceive the specs of the 2 CPUs, to be able to have a look at them comparatively. 

Core i7-13700K vs i7-12700K: Specs

Right here we’ll define the specs of each CPUs so we will examine them and decide which is the extra highly effective CPU primarily based solely on specs. This provides us a greater understanding of every CPU and permits us to make an knowledgeable determination when selecting between them. 


The 13700K is designed to be a bit extra budget-friendly than the 13900K bringing excessive efficiency into the gaming realm, while nonetheless having the core and thread depend to be proficient in multicore workloads. 

The specs of the Core i7-13700K are as follows: 

  • Cores: P-cores 8 / E-cores 8
  • Threads: 24
  • Base clock frequency: P-cores 3.4 GHz / E-cores 2.5 GHz
  • Enhance clock frequency: P-cores 5.4 GHz / E-cores 4.2 GHz
  • L3 cache: 24MB
  • Default TDP: 125 W / 253 W increase.
  • iGPU: Intel UHD graphics 770


The i7-12700K was a favourite amongst PC avid gamers, bringing an important price-to-performance ratio ahead, while nonetheless with the ability to crack by the extra demanding workloads. Let’s see the way it holds as much as the 13700K. 

The specs of the 12700K are as follows: 

  • Cores: P-cores 8 / E-cores 4
  • Threads: 20
  • Base clock frequency: P-cores 3.6 GHz / E-cores 2.7 GHz
  • Enhance clock frequency: P-cores 5.0 GHz / E-cores 3.8 GHz
  • L3 cache: 12MB
  • Default TDP: 125 W / 190 W increase.
  • iGPU: Intel UHD graphics 770

Issues to contemplate when deciding between the 13700K and the 12700K 

There are some things to take into accounts when choosing both of those two CPUs. 


Chipset Z790

Though each of the CPUs belong to the identical socket, there are some appreciable variations between the previous 600 collection motherboards and the brand new 700 collection motherboards. As an example, the Z790 chipset motherboards have PCIe Gen 5 capabilities, sooner reminiscence allowances, and higher connectivity. 

Each CPUs will work on both motherboard, however there are quite a lot of advantages to upgrading to the newest motherboard chipset. 

Reminiscence velocity 

The Thirteenth-generation Raptor Lake CPUs have a better velocity reminiscence tolerance for DDR5 reminiscence. The Twelfth-generation CPUs have a most supported reminiscence velocity of 4800 MT/s, while the Thirteenth-generation CPUs have a most supported velocity of 5600 MT/s.

Core i7-13700K vs i7-12700K: Specification comparability 

Right here we’ll analyze each of the CPUs’ specs and decide which CPU is the most effective primarily based on the specs alone. And what we learn about how CPUs behave. This could assist us examine any CPU part sooner or later and are available to an knowledgeable conclusion. 

Core and thread depend 

The i7-13700K has a better core and thread depend than the 12700K. 

Cores are vital for multitasking, the extra CPU cores you may have accessible, the extra you are able to do directly. Intel has opted to construct its Thirteenth-generation CPUs off of the identical split-core expertise because the Twelfth gen CPUs. 

Which means that the cores in each CPUs are cut up into P (efficiency cores) and E (effectivity cores) the efficiency cores are clocked larger and devour extra energy, whereas the effectivity cores are clocked decrease and are extra energy environment friendly. 

Threads are barely completely different than CPU cores, threads are the title given to the instruction executed alongside the CPUs major instruction. In different phrases, threads are the power given to a CPU core to course of two directions concurrently versus one. This secondary instruction is known as a thread. 

The extra cores and threads your CPU has, the higher it is going to be. (if it’s part of the identical or comparable technology) 

Core velocity

The 13700K wins right here with a sooner increase velocity on each P and E cores. 

Core velocity is what issues most, particularly for avid gamers. While the variety of cores governs a CPUs multi-core efficiency, core velocity governs a CPU’s single-core efficiency. 

Core velocity is the measurement of what number of occasions a CPU can full the CPU instruction cycle, which includes three primary actions, Fetch, Decode, and Execute. This cycle equates to 1 instruction executed and accomplished. So the extra occasions per second a CPU core can do that, the higher. 


The 13700K has a a lot bigger cache. 

The cache is a kind of risky reminiscence that’s situated bodily near CPU cores to facilitate velocity and reliability. That is the place the CPU shops a variety of its yet-to-be-calculated directions, and the calculations of these directions which are for use elsewhere within the PC.

The CPU cache helps CPU velocity because it’s answerable for feeding the CPU with knowledge to crunch straight, the extra cache you may have and the sooner it’s, the higher assist your CPU has, making it sooner because of this. 

The extra cache you may have, the higher. 


The 12700K has a decrease TDP, which is healthier by way of effectivity. 

TDP stands for thermal design energy, and it’s the utmost quantity of thermal power {an electrical} part can emanate at most load. 

The Intel CPUs have two values for TDP, there’s the default TDP and there’s the increase TDP. These values indicate the TDP of the processor when it’s operating at its base velocity and its boosted velocity. 

The 12900K has a considerably decrease TDP on the increase finish, which is nice for energy effectivity. A decrease TPD additionally means much less warmth to cope with, which interprets into larger overclocking potential. 

Sadly, nevertheless, a decrease TDP can be indicative of a much less highly effective processor at the present time. 

13700K vs 12700K: efficiency 

We don’t have our arms on the Thirteenth-generation CPUs simply but. However throughout Intel’s newest Innovation occasion in 2022. Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger said that the Thirteenth technology CPUs have large efficiency enhancements over the Twelfth gen CPUs. 

Pat mentioned that the Raptor Lake CPUs could have a 15% higher single-core efficiency acquire and an enormous 42% efficiency acquire in multi-core benchmarks. A major efficiency improve over the Twelfth technology.

Closing phrase

The clear winner in the present day is the 13700K for its superior energy and efficiency. Clearly, we don’t know simply how properly it’s going to carry out till it releases on October twentieth, however we do have the metrics given by Intel at its newest innovation occasion.

The 13700K could also be extra expensive than the 12700K, however that’s for good motive. The 12700K could be discovered on sale in quite a few locations across the launch of Intel’s Thirteenth technology CPUs, and the 12700K as we noticed continues to be a really succesful CPU. We hope you loved our Core i7-13700K vs i7-12700K article.