Hamayumi Genshin Impression – Ascension Supplies, Stats, and Greatest Characters

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Hamayumi is a 4-star Bow that may solely be obtained by accumulating its Forging Blueprint, and forging it at any blacksmith’s. Preserve studying to seek out out what supplies you’ll want to collect for Ascension, Hamayumi’s Stats, and one of the best characters to make use of Hamayumi in Genshin Impression.

How you can Get Hamayumi Forging Blueprint

You’ll be able to solely receive the Forging Blueprint for Hamayumi by going to Kannazuka, Inazuma, and talking to Takashi. Every single day he’ll ask for 3 Mysterious Shells, and upon giving him the shells he’ll allow you to open a chest. You must give him shells and open a chest every single day for 7 days to get the Forging Blueprint.

Hamayumi Ascension Supplies

After you have obtained Hamayumi from forging it and maxed it to Stage 20, it may be additional leveled up via Ascension. The supplies you will have to Ascend Hamayumi are as follows:

Stage 20 Narukami’s Knowledge x3
Dismal Prism x3
Agency Arrowhead x2
Stage 40 Narukami’s Pleasure x3
Dismal Prism x12
Agency Arrowhead x8
Stage 50 Narukami’s Pleasure x6
Crystal Prism x6
Sharp Arrowhead x6
Stage 60 Narukami’s Affection x3
Crystal Prism x12
Sharp Arrowhead x9
Stage 70 Narukami’s Affection x6
Polarizing Prism x9
Weathered Arrowhead x6
Stage 80 Narukami’s Valor x4
Polarizing Prism x18
Weathered Arrowhead x12

The place to seek out Hamayumi Ascension supplies

Narukami’s Knowledge, Pleasure, Affection and Valor are obtained by finishing the Area of Forgery: Sand Burial each Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday.

Dismal Prisms, Crystal Prisms and Polarizing Prisms are obtained by defeated Mirror Maidens, which may be discovered wandering throughout Inazuma.

Agency Arrowheads, Sharp Arrowheads and Weathered Arrowheads are obtained by defeating Ranged Hilichurls, which may be discovered throughout Teyvat.

Hamayumi Stats

Hamayumi begins with 41 Base ATK and a 12 ATK% substat. At Stage 90, these stats change into 454 Base ATK and 55.1 ATK%, giving it a Base ATK on par with that of the Favonius Warbow and Compound Bow. This provides it the joint lowest Base ATK of the 4-star Bows.

The in-game weapon impact description:

Will increase Regular Assault DMG by 16% and Charged Assault DMG by 12%. When the equipping character’s Vitality reaches 100%, this impact is elevated by 100%.

Hamayumi Refinement

In Genshin Impression, you possibly can Refine a weapon by feeding it an equivalent weapon to itself, which will increase a number of the weapon’s results in flip. With every Refinement of Hamayumi, the % that Regular and Charged Assault DMG is elevated by additionally will increase.

Yoimiya Wielding Hamayumi Genshin Impact
Yoimiya wielding Hamayumi in her Character Demo.

Greatest Characters to make use of Hamayumi

Characters that have a tendency to remain on-field as Regular and Charged Assault-users can profit from this Bow. Due to this fact, Yoimiya, Tartaglia and Ganyu will respect Hamayumi probably the most. That being stated, Ganyu usually works higher with Prototype Crescent, one other forgeable weapon. That is because of the Crescent having the next Base ATK than Hamayumi, and its passive typically will increase her DMG extra. Yoimiya and Tartaglia additionally work higher with Rust, one other 4-star Bow. That is additionally due to its larger Base ATK, and it will increase Regular Assault DMG by the next quantity. That is very true at Max Refinement.

Based mostly on this info, you could be hesitant to craft Hamayumi. Nonetheless, it does have its makes use of; it’s successfully a Jack of all trades Bow, being helpful to each Regular attackers and Charged attackers. So, in case you’re F2P and don’t repeatedly want on any of the banners, having a multi-purpose Bow will certainly be helpful to your account. Should you’re low on Northlander Bow Billets, you additionally might not need to, nor have the ability to, craft a number of Bows. On this state of affairs, Hamayumi could be the neatest alternative for you.

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