Chris Beat Most cancers Assessment – Is Chemo Poisonous?


I’ll often get a touch upon my social media or in my e-mail asking why I really feel the necessity to name folks out by title in my posts.

The commenter at all times asks me why I can’t simply give appropriate vitamin info with out figuring out and shaming the individuals who unfold misinformation. 

It’s a great query, and Chris Beat Most cancers is the proper instance of why I do what I do, the best way I do it.

Many of those folks – Chris, the Medical Medium, Mark Hyman, and varied influencers – have hundreds, and generally hundreds of thousands, of followers. In the event that they’re selling quackery, they should be made an instance of.

Telling folks that celery juice can remedy their autism or to suggest that they will remedy their incurable illness with weight-reduction plan, is disgusting.

Learn my Medical Medium assessment right here.

Most cancers cannot be ‘crushed’ or cured with weight-reduction plan. That could be a scientific reality.

It’s an unlucky reality that individuals equate variety of followers with credibility, and calling scammers out by title helps educate their followers that in reality, they aren’t credible.

It makes me extraordinarily offended once I see folks, usually determined ones, get taken benefit of. That’s one thing I can’t and won’t tolerate. 

I don’t care what folks do in their very own houses. However when somebody with a big following promotes misinformed and probably lethal info, I’m going to say one thing.

My open letter to the ‘holistic most cancers practitioner’ who instructed me to ‘do my analysis.’

Look, I do know as a lot as anybody that most cancers is a devastating prognosis. However what’s additionally devastating is that misinformation is killing folks, once they in any other case could have lived. 

As a substitute, they get sucked in to believing that standard medical therapies are extra poisonous than the most cancers that’s rising inside them. That there’s a ‘secret’ to curing most cancers that the medical institution doesn’t need us to know, and that secret is present in your kitchen and inside your personal immune system.

That weight-reduction plan, dietary supplements, cleaning, and affirmations cannot solely remedy them of their illness, however depart them more healthy and extra energetic than earlier than.

All of that, in fact, is bullsh*t.

However that’s the place we’re at right here. Which brings us to this assessment of Chris Beat Most cancers.

Who’s Chris Beat Most cancers?

Chris is Chris Wark, who was identified with Stage 3 colon most cancers at age 26. He underwent surgical procedure to take away the most cancers, however opted to forgo chemotherapy in favor of adjusting his weight-reduction plan.

Chris says he’s not a health care provider and doesn’t give medical recommendation, which leaves me questioning what precisely he’s doing when somebody pays him round $175 for a 2-hour non-public session to find out about his ‘technique.’

Like quite a lot of various well being ‘heroes,’ Chris has a rags-to-riches well being story that makes use of emotion to stir false hope and promote a product:

He’s ‘only a common man.’

He was identified with stage three most cancers. 

He acquired surgical procedure to resect the most cancers, however then refused chemo although he knew this resolution may kill him.

He ‘beat the chances’ and is now wholesome and vibrant.

He has ‘spent years studying’ from holistic practitioners, researchers, and different folks.

He can now assist YOU beat YOUR most cancers along with his Most cancers Teaching Program.

I actually see this type of gross sales pitch daily. This predictable, cliched advertising and marketing ploy can be humorous, if it wasn’t so unhappy that individuals are really falling for it. He states very clearly that he doesn’t attempt to persuade folks to say no chemo, however that is mere semantics. He’s doing simply that by actual fact that he repeatedly calls chemo ‘poisonous’ and speaks out towards it in favor of a plant-based weight-reduction plan.

Chemo doesn’t ‘destroy’ your immune system, Chris.

Chris’s model is constructed on the standard anti-pharma anti-conventional drugs conspiracy theories that create mistrust and suspicion round these entities:

Diet and pure therapies will NEVER be used as an alternative of pharmaceutical medication. For one easy motive: They can’t be patented and should not worthwhile. Get up ! There are over 1,000 drug firm lobbyists in Washington DC alone. It’s a conspiracy of greed with continued concerted effort to take care of management over a trillion greenback medical business.

Hm. The place have I heard that ‘get up!’ battle cry earlier than? 

I’m positive there will probably be commenters on this publish, telling me that I’m discouraging sick folks from doing pure cures and therapeutic themselves. To these folks I say, how about all the sick people who find themselves dying as a result of they’re being instructed that they need to drink juice as an alternative of getting chemo?

Pure well being proponents don’t like to speak about these folks, however analysis tells us that they’re 250% extra prone to die of most cancers in the event that they select various therapies over chemo.

Who’s doing who the disservice right here?

I’m by no means saying that complementary therapies shouldn’t be thought of. However observe my use of the phrase complementary, which suggests ‘alongside standard remedy.’ Not as an alternative of.

Everybody has to make their very own remedy choices. However doing so beneath the burden of misinformation and misplaced worry just isn’t the best way it ought to be carried out.

Chris could very nicely imagine that he cured his most cancers with weight-reduction plan, however that’s most likely not what really occurred.

In this improbable story he wrote on the location Science Based mostly Drugs, surgical oncologist David Gorski – aka an precise most cancers professional – outlines what precisely is fallacious with Chris’s assertion that weight-reduction plan cured him.

Particularly, that Chris’s most cancers was eliminated through surgical procedure, so he didn’t solely use weight-reduction plan to ‘remedy’ himself. By declining chemo, Chris diminished his odds of residing, however didn’t erase them altogether. 

Apparently, within the FAQ part of his website, Chris takes goal at Gorski, naming him as a critic and providing a conspiracy-laden dumpster hearth of an assault.

He begins out by calling Gorski an ‘atheist surgical oncologist.’ The truth that Wark would use lack of spiritual perception to try to discredit somebody is absolutely unusual and ignorant. 

He then goes on to hypothesize Gorski’s thought course of in selecting to name Wark out: “Possibly if I assault various therapies nobody will discover that my colleagues and I are making a whole bunch of hundreds of {dollars} per 12 months not curing most cancers… “

Folks like Chris can’t construct a model with out currying mistrust and suspicion round others, particularly highlighting their supposed greed and the way they’re making an attempt to swindle the final inhabitants.

Plenty of various drugs ‘celebrities’ like to accuse mainstream drugs and pharma of getting their hand in our pockets, whereas pretending that various suppliers do what they do as a result of they ‘care’ so arduous for us. 

Besides, they’re additionally getting cash off of individuals. I’m positive Chris makes fairly a bundle from his racket. He has three books and a bustling Amazon web page the place he sells anti-cancer dietary supplements, kitchen instruments, and books like, ‘Cease Feeding Your Most cancers,’ the last word in victim-blaming rubbish by a ‘visionary physician.’


Possibly he thinks he’s serving to folks. Possibly he doesn’t have dangerous intentions. However being blind to details doesn’t imply you’re harmless in inflicting hurt. There’s a lot Chris doesn’t get – and doesn’t appear to be serious about educating himself – concerning the fundamentals of most cancers, and it’s painfully obvious on his website and socials.

Do synthetic sweeteners trigger most cancers? I assessment the newest research.

Moreover pushing lame conspiracy theories about Massive Pharma (he additionally promotes sketchy Covid-19 websites and theories as nicely, which is not a shock), one other frequent theme in Chris Beat Most cancers’s content material is the shortcoming of the scientific neighborhood to remedy most cancers regardless of all the analysis that has been carried out on it. 

Chris apparently is aware of the key to curing most cancers, however no person else does. It is a large pink flag. 

Spoiler: when somebody claims to know details that scientists received’t inform us or have one way or the other ‘missed’ in any case of those years, there’s a 99.9% likelihood that this particular person is a mendacity narcissist. 

He claims that there are ‘hundreds of printed peer-reviewed scientific research demonstrating the highly effective anti-cancer compounds that abound in plant meals, and the various epidemiological research demonstrating that weight-reduction plan and life-style selections have a dramatic impression on most cancers charges in giant populations of individuals.’

Though Chris is appropriate that there’s a connection between weight-reduction plan and most cancers danger, this appears to be the place his understanding of this idea ends.

Simply because a meals has ‘anti most cancers compounds,’ doesn’t imply that this interprets into that meals having anti-cancer properties within the human physique. It is a quite simple reality. 

And whereas weight-reduction plan and life-style appear to impression most cancers danger, most cancers usually happens for no obvious motive in any respect. 

Telling most cancers sufferers that they will ‘remedy’ their most cancers with meals, additionally implies that they brought on their most cancers with weight-reduction plan. Or, that if folks don’t ‘imagine’ sufficient within the energy of religion and meals to remedy their illness, that their lack of ability to heal is THEIR FAULT. 

Newsflash: most cancers doesn’t give a crap about your beliefs.

All of that’s fallacious and repugnant. 

This quote is true off of Chris’s website:

As a lot because the scientific neighborhood claims to know about most cancers and the human physique, they nonetheless actually don’t perceive it in any respect. In the event that they did, they might remedy each most cancers each time. Science-based drugs is deception.

We’d ‘remedy each most cancers each time?’

Wait, does Chris’s technique ‘remedy most cancers each time?’ 

I’m weak on the details of most cancers biology, so I requested an precise most cancers biologist, Dr. Joe Zundell, what he thought of Chris’s remark. He instructed me this:

“Nobody desires to remedy most cancers greater than I and my fellow most cancers biologists. Most cancers, like several illness, is extremely complicated and varies between most cancers sort and stage at which the most cancers is detected. When folks like Chris Wark make the declare that we do that for cash and that we must always’ve cured most cancers by now, they ignore the intrinsic complexity that comes with all organic processes. As a substitute of making an attempt to study extra concerning the illness they dig into their fears related to most cancers and it severely limits their potential to know the illness.”

To help his theories, Chris turns to anecdotes and rogue quack physicians who align along with his beliefs. If you happen to imagine in conspiracy theories, you would possibly imagine that the standard medical neighborhood is ‘shutting him out,’ which is what Chris desires you to imagine:

There are various brave MDs…who’ve left the brutal and barbaric “reduce poison burn” most cancers remedy and are getting phenomenal outcomes. Dr Nicholas Gonzalez, Dr. James Forsythe, Dr. Leigh Erin Conneally, and Dr. Rashid Buttar, simply to call a couple of.

A easy Google search on any of those docs reveals a multitude of malpractice lawsuits, anti-covid conspiracy theories, and pseudoscience that one would count on with this stage of quackery. 

None of those docs are respected, however neither is Chris. And neither are anecdotes, that are simply faked however throughout Chris’s content material. Folks’s tales about how Chris’s weight-reduction plan ‘healed their most cancers’ are most likely not giving us all the info we have to absolutely perceive their conditions. However for people who find themselves determined for a remedy, what Chris is promoting – actually and figuratively – is compelling. 

I’m sorry, ‘therapeutic most cancers in 18 months’? Is that the brand new metric we’re going for now?

Sure, chemo has unwanted effects. It has to have a stage of toxicity that’s efficient at killing most cancers in order that most cancers doesn’t kill you. And that’s to not say that chemo is at all times really helpful for most cancers remedy, as a result of more and more, it’s not.

The best way to learn vitamin analysis: a primer on the fundamentals.

Typical drugs is definitely pulling again on its use of chemo in sure cancers, following the breakthrough analysis in genetic testing and new focused medicines which have modified how we deal with folks with the illness. Science adjustments, and so do therapies. 

Chris Beat Most cancers assessment, briefly:

There is no such thing as a most cancers conspiracy. Individuals who work in most cancers analysis and drugs die of most cancers. They’ve family members dying of most cancers. And since Chris loves to speak about analysis, I’ll depart this right here: though no remedy works for everybody, a long time of analysis exhibits that treating most cancers with standard strategies – whether or not medicines, chemo, or radiation – is resoundingly simpler than treating it with juice and crops. (right here) (right here) (right here).

As I stated earlier than, selecting a most cancers remedy may be very private. However be sure to have all the info from the proper sources earlier than you make that call…and watch out for quacks.