Apex Legends Valkyrie Hero Information

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Valkyrie is without doubt one of the meta-defining characters in Apex Legends, favored by gamers for her recon talents, skill to achieve excessive floor and redeploy her group to rotate safely to any a part of a map.

Right here’s all the things it’s essential to know to grasp Valkyrie.

Valkyrie Lore

Valkyrie, aka Kairi Imahara, isn’t above greasing palms and bending the regulation however at coronary heart, she is without doubt one of the good guys on the planet of Apex Legends. When she was a toddler, she stole her father’s “Viper” Titan, desirous to be identical to him when she grew up. The following day, he left on a mission to by no means return after being killed by Titanfall 2 protogonist Jack Cooper.

Valkyrie adopted in his footsteps and have become a pilot. Her private life, nonetheless, was something however straightforward. Through the day, she smuggled valuable cargo, and drank with the outlaws and mercs within the bars at evening. Though she had her women, her liquor, and her love of the sky, she was nonetheless obsessive about discovering the person who’d put her father in hurt’s means: his commander, Kuben Blisk.

Utilizing the intact flight core from Viper’s Northstar, she constructed a glossy new jetpack that honored her father’s reminiscence and joined the Apex Video games.

Apex Legends Valkyrie’s Skills

Apex Legends Valkyrie Hero Guide

Valkyrie is a Recon legend and shares the identical perks as Seer, Valkyrie, Pathfinder, and Bloodhound. The recon passive means that you can entry the 12 survey beacons obtainable on the map in any given match to find out the following circle location.

Passive – VTOL JETS

Press the leap key whereas within the air to have interaction the jetpack. You’ll be able to swap between maintain and toggle mode within the choices menu. The flexibility has no cooldown however has a cost meter that consumes a proportion of a visual bar in your HUD. Activating the VTOL Jets consumes about 12.5% of whole gasoline and the utmost period is 7 seconds. Gas will start to refill after 8 seconds. Refueling the tank takes a most of 10 seconds.

Whereas utilizing the Jets, Valkyrie can’t use any weapons however she will use the Missile Swarm skill. As soon as the Jets are launched, there’ a 1-second delay earlier than she will use her weapons.

Passive – Jet Fighter HUD

Valkyrie is without doubt one of the few legends that has a number of passive talents. Her Jet Fighter HUD prompts when skydiving or utilizing her Final skill. All enemies inside 250 meters are marked so long as they’re in direct line of sight. The champion is marked with “CH” and the kill chief will probably be marked with “KL”.

Enemies will not be alerted when scanned by Valkyrie. Teammates connected to Valkyrie additionally achieve tactical data from her passive and might see the enemies marked on their screens.

Tactical – Missile Swarm

This skill fires a swarm of mini-rockets that harm and disorient the enemy on a 30-second cooldown. Launches 12 missiles in a 4×3 array, dealing harm and gorgeous enemies. If a Legend will get hit, the primary missile offers 25 harm and each subsequent missile offers 3.

The flexibility want some vertical clearance (12 meters) to fireside and the utmost distance the rockets can journey is 100 meters. The crosshair aligns with the bottom row of rockets and gamers ought to align their skill accordingly. 

Final – Skyward Dive

Upon utilization, Valkyrie enters a setup animation that expenses up over 2 seconds, after which she will press Hearth to launch as much as 180 meters into the air in about seven seconds to enter a skydive. Her final is just like utilizing a Soar Tower and her teammates can be part of the flight.

The flexibility might be canceled after readying up, however doing so incurs a 25% final cost penalty. Whereas in pre-launch, utilizing ping marks Valkyrie for her squad and show a “Let’s fly!” notification within the kill feed. The flexibility requires a vertical clearance to activate.

Apex Legends Valkyrie Suggestions

Listed here are some ideas that can assist you grasp the queen of the skies:

Use Your Final For Group Rotations

Don’t be egocentric together with your final; rotate together with your group. Nonetheless, in some circumstances, it may be worthwhile to flee a combat to salvage your ranked factors and are available again for the respawn banners later.

Preserve Your Gas

Don’t spam your leap button to fly round and transfer quicker. Use your gasoline judiciously as one fallacious transfer might put you in a spot the place you possibly can’t escape enemy hearth. 

The jetpack additionally creates numerous noise and alerts close by enemies of your location. You’re additionally a simple goal when flying in a straight line as you’re a lot slower. It’s a foul concept to repeatedly spend your gasoline to fly pretty much as good gamers will shoot you out of the sky instantly. 

Use Your Tactical Mid Fight

Your Missile Swarm can stun enemies in essential moments throughout fights. Should you deal important harm to somebody and so they attempt to escape, use your tactical to stun the enemy and end them off earlier than they’ll heal.

Cushion Your Landings

Whenever you’re excessive within the sky, cease your flight with somewhat gasoline left to cushion your touchdown and never get shocked once you hit the bottom. This may be crucial throughout fights should you land proper in entrance of enemies.

Struggling to grasp Seer? Take a look at our in-depth information. We even have deep dives into Pathfinder and Crypto. For extra on Valkyrie’s official lore and different particulars, head to EA’s official web page.

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