5 advantages of vitamin K2 for coronary heart well being and bone power


Vitamin K2 is a comparatively recently-discovered important vitamin that contributes to coronary heart well being and bone power. By regulating blood clotting capabilities, the expansion and construction of blood vessels, and the era of bone tissue, vitamin K2 performs an important function in your long-term well being.

Trying to make use of vitamin K2 to enhance your coronary heart or bone well being? Try these key advantages of vitamin K2, compiled by our researchers.

Vitamin K2 advantages

1. Vitamin K2 is important for blood coagulation

Vitamin K2 was found comparatively late in comparison with different nutritional vitamins, however performs a key function within the blood clotting course of (1,2), offering sturdy proof for its significance in coronary heart well being.

2. Vitamin K2 may assist scale back danger for coronary heart illness

Researchers imagine vitamin K2 prevents the build-up of calcium in arteries (3), which is a significant danger think about growing coronary heart illness.

Individuals with excessive ranges of vitamin K2 consumption have 52% decrease charges of arterial calcification and are 57% much less more likely to die of coronary heart illness, in line with one other research (4).

3. Vitamin K2 is one in all two subtypes of vitamin Ok

Vitamin K1 is phylloquinone, and is present in leafy inexperienced plant meals (and lots of inexperienced drinks); vitamin K2 is menaquinone, occurring in fermented meals and animal merchandise (5).

4. Vitamin K2 is important for sturdy bones and enamel

Vitamin K2 modifies proteins to facilitate the binding of calcium, a necessary mineral for sturdy bones and good enamel, in addition to different bodily features (6).

Vitamin K2 additionally prompts the proteins that distribute calcium all through the physique. (7,8,9)

Researchers additionally imagine vitamin K2 works in live performance with nutritional vitamins A and D in preserving enamel sturdy and freed from cavities. (10)

5. A vitamin K2 complement can sluggish the lack of bone density in older ladies

This discovering is in line with a three-year research of post-menopausal ladies (11), exhibiting that K2 reduces decreases in bone mass as ladies become older.

A number of extra research affirm the bone strengthening advantages of vitamin K2 (12,13).

Nonetheless, two different massive opinions concluded extra proof is required earlier than suggestions for supplementing with vitamin K2 to enhance bone well being will be endorsed (14, 15).

Vitamin K2 unwanted side effects

Vitamin K2 is extraordinarily secure for most individuals. No well being dangers from extreme vitamin Ok consumption have been recognized, both from supplemental vitamin K2 or any type of vitamin Ok present in meals (16).

Speak to your physician earlier than taking vitamin K2 if you happen to take warfarin or different blood clotting treatment. Some coronary heart illness consultants imagine that vitamin K2 may work together with warfarin and amplify its blood-thinning results (17).

Vitamin K2 dosage

The most recent dietary pointers counsel you want a minimal of 90-120 mcg of vitamin K2 per day. Primarily based on new analysis on vitamin K2’s significance for bone and coronary heart well being, this degree was considerably elevated in 2020 (18).

Most research on utilizing vitamin K2 for bone and coronary heart well being use doses of 100 to 200 mcg of K2 per day. Primarily based on profitable research on K2 supplementation, we used this vary as a suggestion when formulating our complement rankings.

Vitamin K2 advantages FAQ

Q: Who’s in danger for vitamin K2 deficiency? 

A: Individuals with a weight loss program low in inexperienced leafy greens are more than likely to have K2 deficiency. 

Sadly, this class consists of about one third of American adults.

Moreover, folks with celiac illness and individuals who have had any kind of gastric bypass, lap band, or different weight reduction surgical procedure are sometimes in danger for vitamin K2 deficiency, as their capability to soak up vitamin Ok from their weight loss program is impeded. 

Q: What meals are wealthy in vitamin K2? 

A: Yow will discover vitamin K2 particularly in fermented meals, like cheese, miso, tempeh, or natto. Different types of vitamin Ok are readily present in inexperienced leafy greens like broccoli, kale, and collard greens.

Although your physique is sort of able to absorbing vitamin Ok in any of its kinds, vitamin Ok that’s present in greens is considered absorbed much less effectively than vitamin K2 from a complement.

Q: What vegan meals are excessive in vitamin K2? 

A: Not like another nutritional vitamins, akin to vitamin B12, vegans even have it fairly simple in relation to getting enough vitamin Ok consumption total. Vegan favorites like kale, broccoli, soy, and collard greens are all very excessive in vitamin Ok.

If you’re particularly in search of vitamin K2 it may be a bit trickier, however fermented soy merchandise like tempeh, miso, and natto are all nice bets.

Q: Is vitamin K2 secure to take? 

A: Sure, no higher limits on consumption have been recognized. A 2001 report by the Institute of Medication famous that no hostile results from vitamin Ok consumption have been recognized, both in people or in animals (19).

This consists of each supplemental model of vitamin K2 and dietary sources of vitamin Ok in all of its kinds. The one caveat to that is that people who find themselves at the moment taking warfarin or different blood thinners ought to speak to their physician earlier than altering their vitamin Ok consumption ranges, as a result of warfarin’s mechanism of motion might intrude with the form of clotting that vitamin Ok promotes. 

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Vitamin K2 performs a crucial function in regulating each coronary heart well being and bone power.

Vitamin K2 works greatest when taken in a dosage of at the least 100 mcg, and is well-tolerated so long as you don’t take blood thinners.

It’s an incredible complement so as to add to your routine in case your focus is optimizing long-term well being, since each heart problems and osteoporosis grow to be vital dangers as you become older.