5 advantages of glucosamine for joint well being


Glucosamine is an extremely well-liked complement for joint well being. It’s been intensely studied for its potential advantages at assuaging ache and irritation brought on by osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and outdated sports activities accidents.

Quite a few analysis research have discovered that glucosamine will increase water retention in joints, boosts cartilage synthesis, and reduces joint ache.

Glucosamine’s advantages make it top-of-the-line choices for a joint complement–right here’s a run-down on why these advantages are so useful for joint ache.

Glucosamine advantages

1. Glucosamine helps scale back irritation and joint ache

It fights ache by by encouraging cartilage to soak up extra water, protecting the cartilage hydrated (1,2). This implies higher joint operate and fewer ache. 

2. Glucosamine may improve the synthesis of cartilage tissue

Analysis on older adults with arthritis signifies that glucosamine can gradual or halt the development of joint injury in arthritis (3,4).

Because of this, you’ll discover glucosamine as a key ingredient in lots of the prime joint complement available on the market which can be focused for folks with degenerative arthritis.

3. Glucosamine upregulates synthesis of the constructing blocks of cartilage

In accordance with a examine printed by researchers in Italy, glucosamine sulfate will increase the synthesis of a kind of protein known as proteoglycan, which make up a major quantity of the mass in cartilage (5).

This discovering means that glucosamine’s advantages for cartilage aren’t merely a discount in ache: they might be indicative of a real enchancment within the structural energy of cartilage.

4. Glucosamine may assist scale back ache from outdated sports activities accidents

A examine on folks with injury-related, non-arthritic knee ache skilled vital enhancements in ache after taking 2000 mg of glucosamine for twelve weeks (6).

That is nice information, because it signifies that glucosamine’s mechanism of motion is extra common than simply lowering ache from arthritis: it may possibly additionally work for sports activities injury-related ache.

5. Glucosamine works higher for joint ache than again ache

In distinction to the above outcomes on knee and hip ache, analysis from Norway suggests glucosamine isn’t as useful when you might have continual low again ache (7).

The findings from this examine point out that glucosamine’s advantages are best-suited for the knees, ankles, and hips, versus the decrease again.

Glucosamine unwanted side effects

Analysis exhibits glucosamine is secure and well-tolerated by virtually everybody. Medical trials haven’t discovered any vital distinction within the fee of unwanted side effects in glucosamine versus placebo.

Glucosamine is derived from shellfish, so it may set off shellfish allergy symptoms. The one potential opposed impact to pay attention to is the truth that glucosamine is derived from marine shells, so anybody with a extreme shellfish allergy ought to keep away from glucosamine dietary supplements.

Glucosamine dosage

Finest outcomes come from round 1500 mg per day. That quantity comes from a examine that examined doses from 750 to 3000 mg per day (8).

Above 1500 mg per day your physique can’t take up any extra glucosamine. Larger doses are nonetheless secure, however don’t present any extra advantages when it comes to bioavailability.

Glucosamine advantages FAQ

Q: Is glucosamine in meals?

A: Glucosamine isn’t present in any meals in any vital quantity.

It’s a naturally-occurring compound, however you couldn’t get a dose wherever close to what’s utilized in scientific supplementation research even in a really nutritious diet.

The one strategy to get glucosamine in any vital quantity is to make use of a glucosamine complement.

Q: Is there anybody who shouldn’t take glucosamine?

A: Since glucosamine is derived from shellfish, you shouldn’t take glucosamine if you understand you might have a shellfish allergy.

Q: Do any joint dietary supplements actually work?

A: The very best scientific analysis helps small however vital advantages from joint dietary supplements based mostly on glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM as properly.

Quercetin is one other complement for joint well being that has some analysis supporting it, as does fish oil.

In each of those instances, these joint complement components are thought to exert antioxidant and anti inflammatory results, chopping down on the cellular-level aggravation within the joint.

Q: How does glucosamine work?

A: Glucosamine is a precursor to a kind of compound known as glycosaminoglycan, which in flip is used each as a constructing block for cartilage, and as a lubricant and shock absorber inside joints.

Analysis on cartilage tissue means that glucosamine will increase cartilage water content material and will increase cartilage protein synthesis, plus boosts the provide of lubricating and shock-absorbing fluids within the joint house.

Q: How lengthy does glucosamine keep in your system?

A: Scientific analysis has estimated the elimination half-life of glucosamine at about 15 hours, that means that after taking a full dose of glucosamine, half of it has been eradicated out of your physique 15 hours later (9).

Which means that after you cease taking glucosamine, it should take a number of days for it to get completely eradicated out of your system.

Due to this comparatively lengthy elimination half life, you don’t must take glucosamine any extra usually than as soon as on daily basis.

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Glucosamine is without doubt one of the most commonly-recommended joint dietary supplements, and rightly so. A variety of scientific research have prompt that it may possibly lower joint ache and enhance cartilage well being.

Glucosamine may assist each with arthritic joint ache and continual joint ache from lingering sports activities accidents.

Glucosamine is secure and well-tolerated, making it a fantastic choice if you’re trying so as to add a joint well being complement to your routine.